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Yoder's Hometown Market brings Amish Country to Dover

5 questions with owner Mark Yoder

How would you describe a typical day at Yoder's Hometown Market?

A typical day at Yoder's Hometown Market begins earlier than you may imagine. Most mornings I leave my house by 6am and some days I do not arrive home until 7pm. The first hour is very important, and a late start can be a negative influence for the rest of the day if you allow it to be. Some of the things we value are: Do your best, maintain a good attitude. Be willing to learn and clean up if you make a mess. We champion the thought that the customer is the most important person in the store. Also lunch breaks are very important! Some days are good, others are better. Time goes fast when you enjoy what you are doing; however, one day off a week is essential if you are open for business six days a week.

What's the best thing about being a local business owner?

Everyone knows we are in business to make a living and owning and managing Yoder's Hometown Market is a source of livelihood for us. Our ideology is not that we are a 'Christian business,' but rather we are Christians in business. It is important to practice Christian principles in all areas of life. Our core values are customer service, friendliness, clean facilities, honesty and integrity. We believe this makes a difference and impacts the local community that we are a part of.
Yoders Market owner and manager Owner Mark Yoder and Manager Son Hans

What's the biggest challenge of owning your own business?

I have had the privilege to be an employee and now also an employer. To create an atmosphere in the workplace where employees do not dread coming to work is not only a challenge, but an opportunity. I believe the key to being a servant leader, putting the right people in the right position, showing appreciation, and giving them credit for your success. My father is not living anymore, but I give him credit for teaching me the importance of having a strong work ethic.

What's something you think people would be surprised to know about Yoder's Hometown Market?

I have been asked by customers where our other stores are located. They seem surprised that we have had very limited experience in the food industry. Yoder's Hometown Market is the first market that we ever started. Some of the keys are wise business planning, not letting difficult obstacles top you, learning from your mistakes, and not being afraid to ask questions and take advice from others. I am told that only a small percent of what we know and do is original with ourselves. So, reading, listening, and allowing ourselves to be mentored is very important, even at the age of 60.
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What's the meaning behind the market's slogan of 'The Goodness of Amish Country in Your Hometown'

We knew that many of the Tuscarawas Valley residents enjoyed driving to Amish Country to do their shopping there. The idea was to bring the opportunity that Amish Country provides to their community. the folks of Tuscarawas County work hard to earn a living, and driving 20 to 25 miles is costly and time consuming. We know that we cannot bring Amish Country here, but we can bring the quality, exceptional and unique products that Amish Country provides to this community.

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