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Meet The Yoders -

I’m Mark Yoder, owner of Yoder’s Hometown Market -- but I didn’t always know I would one day own and operate a hometown market. In fact, the idea was suggested by my daughter, Hattie. In 2010, following Hattie’s prompting (along with a lot of hard work and research), we opened the doors to Yoder’s Hometown Market in Dover. Our goal was simple: provide the goodness of Amish country to the local community.
Despite limited experience in the retail food industry, our little market thrived with the support of the community and helpful advice from fellow local business owners. Today, my wife Betty and our son Hans help me run the market -- though at one time or another, all five of our kids have helped out in the store.
Yoder’s Hometown Market is defined by three firm philosophies: provide excellent customer service, serve quality products, and offer fair prices. Stop by and experience the goodness of Amish country in your hometown!